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Enjoy your lessons

From teaching individual one-to-one grammar lessons to group speaking activities, we enjoy all aspects of teaching. We believe that if a teacher is enthusiastic and enjoys teaching, then the students will enjoy their lessons, too. By doing so, they will learn more quickly and permanently.

From the moment you enter our school, you will be exposed to English language in a spoken and written form. Everything from greetings and questions to instructions and explanations will be spoken exclusively in English. You will hear the authentic English accent only!

You can choose from the following:

  • Conversation lessons: for oral exams, work, life or holiday abroad, preparation for interviews, your specific purpose or personal needs
  • Grammar lessons: for high school or university exams
  • Business English
  • Individual or group lessons (up to 6 people)

Our services don’t end here:

  • Translating services: written CVs, letters, emails, websites
  • Telephone or email communication on your behalf
  • Help with power point presentations in English
  • Proof-reading (not writing!) of essays, assignments and other documents
  • Practical advice on how to move to England and doing business in England

We are committed to providing student-centred lessons, tailored around your personal needs. Call us now on 0907 341 990.