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“Hi everyone!!! I am a Spanish student of English and I took English classes with Lea when she lived here in Spain. First of all, I would like to say that, she was very flexible about schedules and it was very easy to contact her at any time. Moreover, she took into account my skills and also my needs so she prepared the classes in order to help me in my weaknesses and strengthen my knowledge. Personally, it was a great experience because I am a little shy when I have to speak English and thanks to her, who is so talkative and optimistic, I have improved and I have lost the fear to make mistakes. Plus we laughed so much! I couldn´t recommend her classes enough!! They are well worth it!”

Ana SanzSanches, Madrid


“Lea was a very good teacher. I learned many things with her.  We had a lot of fun at her classes, although she also did make us work hard, especially with our pronunciation!:)”

Juan Manuel Gonzalez Esteban, Madrid


“Lea was my English teacher in Spain. I learnt a lot of English with her, because she is a good teacher and she likes to teach. She spoke very little Spanish, which was good because we only spoke English at all times.”

Carlos Domingo, Madrid


 “My experience with the English lessons with Lea was great. My main objective was to keep a conversation with other English speakers attending meetings at work; therefore I was very interested to receive English lessons especially with native teachers to improve my understanding and the comprehension of the common expressions. Lea was a very good teacher, as she corrected my mistakes and she kept a very interesting conversation about all topics; she does not mind talking about any subject (not only technical questions) and she adapts to your preferences. I recommend her for learning and enjoying your English classes; I am sure she exceeds your expectations!”

Javier Gutierrez Gonzalez, Madrid


“I think that the most important thing about our conversation lessons for us Spaniards is to have an English teacher who is a native speaker from UK, so we can learn to understand English accent. I had lessons with Lea who is very good at keeping conversation going, and at teaching and explaining various phrasal verbs.”

Ignacio Rodríguez Vega, Madrid